Waikiki Beach - Honolulu, Hawaii


Tiki's Grill & Bar is Waikiki's locally owned and operated premier destination restaurant located on the world famous Waikiki Beach. Tiki's is committed to leading its industry in a green partnership program. Restaurant lighting in the facility was retrofitted to produce extraordinary energy consumption savings and improve the overall aesthetics and functionality. Customers comment regularly on the fantastic clean, cool ambiance the LED lights produce.

  • Annual Energy Savings:  86%
  • Annual Maintenance Savings: 51%
  • Annual kWh Reduction: 36,840
  • Annual Co2 Savings - Shown in Metric Tons: 22.9
  • ROI: 100%
  • Payback in Years: 0.53

Client: Tiki's Grill & Bar

As they say on their website:
"We are not going to pretend to be the best green restaurant in the state, but we're definitely trying, and trying to get better every day. We see it more as a journey rather than a destination. Saving the planet is about commitment and taking action on a daily basis in dozens of small ways, and adding initiatives along the way. We're getting better all the time."

~ Bill Tobin

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what our clients say!

"We can now sell our customers on the high line paint at night. Before the lighting was dismal at best, but now it's bright, brilliant and clear."

Dan Reed
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