The Republic Energy Services Advantage

While they offer a simple lamp-and-ballast change-out as their solution, designing the project only to the extent of the local utility rebate available and then "sharing in your savings," our whole-system approach is remarkably different, with highly profitable results for you.

We include all components to give you a truly customized, high-performance lighting system. Additionally, we also identify for you, leverage, and maximize ALL available incentives, giving you a superior lighting system and putting even more dollars in your pocket. We do NOT share in those savings because in our view, they belong to you.

Don't take only our word

The energy-savings numbers and the resultant fiscal savings our lighting systems produce for you are proven, verifiable, measurable, and guaranteed. In fact, we know they frequently seem too good to be true. But, you don't have to take only our word for it. We always are pleased to put you in touch with some of those very pleased and grateful clients so you can hear, in their words, how our lighting systems perform exactly as we promise you they will.

We invite you to click on the other links to explore even more advantages of our unique RES/Philips partnership and what it can do for your sustainable profitability.

what our clients say!

"I am extremely pleased with the results of our lighting retrofit conducted by Republic Energy Services. The new fixtures greatly improve the look of the facility, and will be saving us on our power bills. I am very impressed with the programmable LED fixtures in our gymnasium which have allowed us more flexibility than ever before and deliver clean bright even lighting to the entire area. The crew was very professional during the entire conversion, and the quality of work was top notch."

Greg Piet
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