Slate Stadium Center

Slate Stadium Center is a 92,365 Square Foot Kroger anchored center located in a dense infill area. They were experiencing maintenance issues with the existing HID Lighting and were in need of a solution that allowed them to control their costs. RES evaluated the facility and replaced all the exterior common lighting with new 10-year LED fixtures.


  • Annual Energy Savings: 76%

  • Annual Maintenance Savings: %94

  • Annual kWh Reduction: 113,088

  • Annual Co2 Savings - Shown in Metric Tons: 70.3

  • ROI: 44%

  • Payback in Years: 2.29


"The new lighting is incredible. I am pleased with how well the new LEDs perform. Better than I had imagined. It is astonishing that the lot is so much brighter using fixtures that consume so much less and lastsso long. RES did a wonderful job."

-Terri Brumley, Property Manager, CBRE

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"I want you to know that we are very appreciative of the work and work management performed by your crews We enjoyed our relationship with you and your organization. We look forward to working with you in the future and would certainly recommend your work to others."

Christopher Lee Whitty
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