Morgan Middle School

Morgan Middle School serves more than 600 students in grades 6 through 8. The school's mission is "To create a challenging learning environment that emphasizes literacy and numeracy." Republic Energy Services retrofitted the school's interior and exterior lighting systems, significantly increasing the quality of lighting, particularly in classrooms and gymnasiums, while greatly reducing energy consumption. Teachers and students are deeply pleased with the highly improved lighting, and the school district is enjoying the monetary savings.

  • Annual Energy Savings: 52%

  • Annual Maintenance Savings: 77%

  • Annual kWh Reduction: 150,561

  • Annual Co2 Savings - Shown in Metric Tons: 93.6

  • ROI: 24%

  • Payback in Years: 4.24

"We have had many teachers and students comment on how much brighter the lights seem to be in their classes and in the gymnasium. One teacher even asked if we had just put in a higher wattage lamp and ballast and was surprised when we told her about the new lighting system and its energy savings in her classroom."

Terry Allen
Morgan Middle School

what our clients say!

"We can now sell our customers on the high line paint at night. Before the lighting was dismal at best, but now it's bright, brilliant and clear."

Dan Reed
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