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School District Converts to LED Lighting

Posted on 24 May 2018
School District Converts to LED Lighting

Carson City School District Saves $360,000 Annually from Energy Saving Project

Students at Empire Elementary School in Carson City, Nevada, created a 2-minute public service announcement on how staff and students can promote "green" actions at their school. Carson Now reports that the video was created as part of powerED a district-wide energy awareness program for students and staff members. The PSA will be recognized at the powerED and Project ReCharge Year-end Student Recognition event at the Nevada Governor's Mansion on Thursday, May 24th.

The goal of the video was to promote energy-awareness and savings to a broader audience to help the school district save money.

According to a U.S. Department of Energy report, money spent on maintaining a school's energy exceeds the money spent on salaries, supplies and books. Annually, schools spend more than $6 billion on energy alone. This cost could be reduced by 25% with better energy-saving initiatives.

In 2016, Carson City School District received an energy audit of 16 buildings. The audit resulted in a $6 million energy project that included LED lighting retrofits. Following the implementation of the energy performance initiatives, the District had improved energy and operational performance, as well as over $360,000 in total annual savings, and a utility cost savings of 16.1%.

Republic Energy Services completed an energy audit and lighting retrofit for Bishop Gorman High School in Nevada. The results were 73% savings in annual energy and a 29% ROI. Learn more about Bishop Gorman and other lighting projects by visiting our case studies page.

Read the full article on the Carson City School District and watch the PSA from Empire Elementary School here.

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"I am extremely pleased with the results of our lighting retrofit conducted by Republic Energy Services. The new fixtures greatly improve the look of the facility, and will be saving us on our power bills. I am very impressed with the programmable LED fixtures in our gymnasium which have allowed us more flexibility than ever before and deliver clean bright even lighting to the entire area. The crew was very professional during the entire conversion, and the quality of work was top notch."

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