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Republic Energy Services designs sustainable lighting systems that are long-lasting and energy efficient. These systems are installed by licensed electrical contractors through our vast network of companies. We provide the highest quality and the most efficient, financially viable systems available anywhere.

Smart businesses know that saving electricity is good for the bottom line. RES takes a holistic approach to maximize efficiency and ROI. Unlike ESCOs (Energy Service Companies), our systems ensure large, guaranteed operating cost savings of 50% - 75%, or more, returning significant dollar amounts to your budget and your pocket.



Republic Energy Services understands the operational goals and environmental social responsibility of their clients and how it relates to their lighting consumption. Reducing operating costs, lowering energy consumption, improving employee safety and morale, and improving productivity are critical to the success of a business and increasing savings.

As industry leaders, with a proven track record of success, you can feel confident in our ability to identify optimal savings potential and execute designs with immediate return as a priority. With an extensive history of success, and a lengthy list of satisfied clients, we can assure you that reducing your carbon footprint and lowering your operating costs is what we do better than anyone else.

Our successful process includes:

  • Providing a comprehensive, all-inclusive turnkey lighting retrofit package with one contact, start to finish.
  • Design a sustainable, technologically advanced, high-efficiency lighting system with improved visual and aesthetic quality.
  • Produce substantial operating cost savings.
  • Generate a large ROI.
  • Substantial reduction in carbon foot print.
  • Written guarantee of energy savings.
  • Unmatched 5-year turnkey warranty.
  • Immediate positive cash flow.
  • Zero out-of-pocket expense through customized Financing.

Our process provides you with an exclusive, highly attractive array of fiscal and environmental benefits. It's an inclusive financial package that differentiates RES from the average ESCOs or lighting retrofit company.



Average ESCOs or lighting retrofit companies offer a simple lamp-and-ballast change-out as their solution, designing the project only to the extent of the local utility rebate available and then "sharing in your savings." RES has a whole-system approach which is remarkably different, with highly profitable results for you.

We include all components to give you a truly customized, high-performance industrial lighting system. Additionally, we also identify for you, leverage, and maximize ALL available incentives, giving you a superior lighting system and putting even more dollars in your pocket. We do NOT share in those savings because in our view, they belong to you.

The energy-savings numbers and the resultant fiscal savings our lighting systems produce for you are proven, verifiable, measurable, and guaranteed. Learn about the results our clients have achieved when choosing RES for their industrial lighting retrofit. Visit our case studies or contact an LED lighting specialist at RES today.



what our clients say!

"We were afraid that the reduced wattage would not showcase our cars as well. However once we received our new lights, we were pleasantly surprised at the clarity and color. We are very pleased not only with the look of the new lights but the money we put to the bottom line is almost too good to be true."

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