Your facility lighting is often the single largest operating cost you have. Republic Energy Services excels at lowering operating costs, increasing savings, and helping businesses reduce their carbon footprint. We merge lighting technology with efficiency, adding decades of expertise, to ensure substantial monetary returns from your lighting retrofit project dollars. LED allows you to reduce your operational costs without jeopardising quality control on day-to-day operations of your company.

Republic Energy Services designs sustainable lighting systems that are long-lasting and energy efficient. These systems are installed by licensed electrical contractors through our vast network of companies. We provide the highest quality and the most efficient, financially viable systems available anywhere.

As industry leaders, with a proven track record of success, you can feel confident in our ability to identify optimal savings potential and execute designs with immediate return as a priority. With an extensive history of success, and a lengthy list of satisfied clients, we can assure you that reducing your carbon footprint and lowering your operating costs is what we do better than anyone else.


To take the first step in efficiency, visit our contact us page or call 877-477-4907 to speak to an industrial lighting expert today.

what our clients say!

"I am extremely pleased with the results of our lighting retrofit conducted by Republic Energy Services. The new fixtures greatly improve the look of the facility, and will be saving us on our power bills. I am very impressed with the programmable LED fixtures in our gymnasium which have allowed us more flexibility than ever before and deliver clean bright even lighting to the entire area. The crew was very professional during the entire conversion, and the quality of work was top notch."

Greg Piet
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